Tips for Persuading Kids to Wear a Face Mask

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more people have taken to wearing face masks.

It’s not always easy to get children accustomed to new habits, especially those with additional needs who struggle with changes to routine.

Like anything with children under five, to get them to follow rules without a battle, you need use a combination of role modelling, consistency and making something interesting to them.

Try these tips:

Role Modelling – you need to ensure that you role model the behaviour, highlighting when you wear a mask, or you see someone else wearing a mask. This will create the perception that this is the correct behaviour and must be followed.

Consistency – ensure that this is part of their regular routine. Combine putting a mask on with their regular routine e.g. shoes, coat, mask. Ensure you follow the same steps each time. It won’t work straight away, but after a few days you’ll see it happening.

Make it fun and interesting – if you make something fun and interesting, your child will be more likely to play along. An idea could be to decorate the mask using their favourite character from a book or something that they like to play with e.g. unicorns, trucks etc.

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