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 It has now been advised that we should all wear some sort of face covering while we’re out in public.

Here at Little Gaiters, we have a variety of neck gaiters and face masks designed for kids and young adults.

Our Child Friendly Face Masks and Neck Gaiters are designed to cover little heads and faces with both comfort and ease.

We all know how important it is to cover our faces while out in public, our range of child friendly, cool designed neck gaiters and face masks will make it more easier and more likely your child will keep their face covered during this worrying time.

Kids Neck Gaiter


Keeping your face covered while in confined spaces or out in public has now been proven to help stop the spread of airborne viruses.

Our kids face masks and neck gaiters are an effective way of offering your child the best possible chance of keeping safe from both catching AND unwittingly spreading any viruses.

It makes sense to cover your face while out in public at the moment. This strange time won’t last forever, but for now, let’s all play our part in doing whatever we can to slow the spread of the virus down.

We have a large range of cool, trendy neck gaiters and face masks for both kids and young adults.
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